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The IronMan 6/7" Combo Gutter Machine from KWM Gutterman produces both 6" and 7" K-style gutters at a rate of 35 feet per minute. All KWM gutter machines feature a polyurethane drive system and chromed steel forming rollers for extreme durability and precision performance. Each KWM gutter machine is hand-built in the USA to exacting standards and with unsurpassed quality, ensuring years of reliable operation in the field. New gutter machines are backed by a full 3-year mechanical warranty covering both parts and labor. Many popular machine configurations are kept ready for fast delivery, however, KWM also offers a broad range of accessories and the ability to build a customized machine package to meet your specific needs! Contact us directly with any questions or to quote a gutter machine package built to your specs today!

Advantages of a KWM Gutterman Gutter Machine

Whether you're a roofing and siding company wanting to expand, a veteran installer looking for an upgrade, or an entrepreneur starting a gutter business, a KWM gutter machine is a solid asset that can provide years of dependable production and profit. KWM Gutterman is the #1 selling brand and largest manufacturer of gutter machines in the U.S.A. Backed by a rock solid reputation built over nearly 50 years of business, KWM's build quality, reliability and customer support are second to none. With 10 different gutter machine platforms available, 34 gutter profiles to choose from and an impressive list of customizable options and accessories, KWM Gutterman provides gutter machine solutions to meet almost every need. Call us today for a hassle-free quote, to get info on package discounts and current sales, or simply get answers to any questions you have from the pro's at Brightsteel Solutions!

Advantages of a 6/7" Combo Gutter Machine

In business, opportunity is everything! With a single dedicated 6" or 7" gutter machine you may find that you're not be able to offer services to customers that need a size you can't produce. A 6/7" combo gutter machine can both expand and streamline your business by producing two sizes in a single platform, allowing you to capture more jobs at a fraction of the cost of two separate dedicated machines. The changeover process between sizes is fast and easy, requiring only a few simple hand tools provided inside the gutter machine. Spools, cradles, run-out stands and other accessories are designed to accommodate multiple sizes of coil and gutter, eliminating the cost of a second set of equipment. Discuss your needs with the knowledgeable staff at Brightsteel Solutions and discover which gutter machines align with your goals!

Advantages of Working with Brightsteel Solutions

We are 100% customer focused and committed to providing you with unrivaled service. Our staff maintains expert knowledge of the products that we provide and most have years of experience working in the trades that we supply. Contact us and you'll be partnered with the member of our team with the most experience in your application to provide insightful answers, information and cost options to stay on budget. Dedicated to you from start to finish, they will actively handle your order, manage all logistics, eliminate any problems and keep you informed with updates as they happen. From point of contact through final delivery, you will enjoy an effortless experience working with our team. Let's get to work, call us today!

KWM Gutterman IronMan 6/7 Inch Combo Gutter Machine Information

Standard Features

  • Polyurethane Drive Rollers
  • Chrome Plated Steel Forming Rollers
  • Welded Tubular Steel Frame
  • Push Button RUN/JOG Controls at Entry & Exit Ends
  • Power Interruption Safety Circuit
  • Mounting Points for up to Three Spools or Cradles
  • 3-Year Parts & Labor Warranty of Mechanical Components, 1-Year Electrical Components
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Materials Formed

  • Painted Aluminum - .032"
  • Painted Steel - 24 ga.
  • Aluminized Steel - 24 ga.
  • Ternecoat Steel - 24 ga.
  • Galvalume - 24 ga.
  • Copper - 16 oz. to 20 oz. 3/4 hard
  • Maximum Coil Width for 6" Gutter Forming - 15" Coil
  • Maximum Coil Width for 7" Gutter Forming - 18" Coil


  • Length - 168"
  • Width - 24"
  • Height - 50" (with Uprights & Spools Mounted)
  • Weight - 1,650 Lbs. Approx.
  • Speed - 35 Ft./Min. Approx.
  • Electric Motor - 1.5 HP, 110 Volt, Single Phase, 18 Amp, Fan Cooled


  • Mechanical Components - 3-Years Parts & Labor
  • Electrical Components - 1-Year Parts & Labor
  • IronMan Next Generation Smart Machines - 3-Year Coverage on Electrical Components

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What gauge power cord is needed?
    A: KWM recommends either a 50 ft. 12 gauge or a 100 ft. 10 gauge power cord.
  • Q: What size inverter is needed?
    A: KWM recommends a 6,000 watt inverter.
  • Q: What size generator is needed?
    A: The generator will need to be a minimum wattage of 5,000 with the option of bypassing the auto idle control feature.
  • Q: Who do I call if I have a problem?
    A: If your machine was purchased through Brightsteel Solutions, we can most likely help you. KWM is also available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Q: If I need parts or accessories, are they in stock?
    A: Yes, KWM manufactures all of their own parts and maintains readily available stock.
  • Q: Where will I be able to get service for my gutter machine if needed?
    A: There are many servicing dealers located throughout the nation. Contact KWM to locate the servicing dealers in your area.
  • Q: Can I visit the factory?
    A: KWM has an open door policy and is very proud of their state of the art facility in Rockdale, IL. Free training is also available at the factory when you purchase a KWM product.
  • Q: Is this the best machine for the money?
    A: There is a reason KWM sells more gutter machines than any other manufacturer in the world. KWM builds the highest quality gutter machines in the industry and their service is second to none.
  • Q: What's the difference between the junior and full-size machines?
    A: The junior machines are 14.5" to 17.5" shorter and 325 Lbs. to 414 Lbs. lighter than their full-size counterparts. They can be ideal for installation in smaller vehicles or trailers. The benefit of a smaller size comes with a compromise of reduced forming capacity; Junior machines are limited to forming aluminum and copper only, while full-size machines can form steel materials.

Options and Accessories

KWM Gutter Machine Spools with Turnstile Uprights and Transfer Bars

Spools - Turnstile Uprights - Transfer Bars

  • Spools - Adjustable in width to accommodate 15” to 18” wide coil for 6” or 7” gutters. Split halves separate for easy loading of coil. Features forklift mounting holes for ease of loading. Available in 16" I.D. (standard) or 20" I.D.
  • Turnstile Uprights - Machine mounted stand for holding spools of material. Rotates 360 degrees for ease of loading. Integrated tension braking system prevents coil runout. Full-size gutter machines can support up to three mounted coil holding accessories.
  • Transfer Bars - Horizontal beams that connect between two uprights, allowing for easy transfer of loaded coils from one upright to another.

KWM Full Size Coil Cradle

Full Size Coil Cradle

Holds a full size roll of gutter coil. Adjusts to accommodate 15” to 18” wide coil for 6” or 7” gutters. Can be mounted on the gutter machine or placed on the floor. Full-size KWM gutter machines can support up to three mounted coil holding accessories.

Optional cradle brake accessory provides tension on the inner rollers to prevent coil runout - available separately.

KWM Gutter Machine Spools Versus Cradles

Choosing Spools or Cradles

One of the most common questions we're asked; What's better, spools or cradles? To be fair, both have advantages in different scenarios and it's quite common to outfit a gutter machine with both spools and cradles.

  • Spools are excellent for loading, transporting and dispensing large rolls of coil securely and have been the standard option since the invention of the gutter machine.
  • Cradles can carry the same amount of coil as a spool, but tend to be preferred by installers who change colors frequently or have short runs due to the ease of loading and unloading.

KWM Deluxe Run Out StandKWM Standard Run Out Stand

Run Out Stands

Run out stands support the gutter as it exits the machine. These tripod style stands feature folding legs for easy storage and are adjustable in height from 28 3/4" to 45 1/4". One stand recommended for every 15' to 20’ of gutter.

Available in two styles** -

  • Deluxe - Bottom and sides feature conveyor style rollers
  • Standard - Fixed top with inner lining
**NOTE - Run out stands for 7" gutters are available in standard style only

Next Generation Smart Machine

With a touch of the screen, the computerized length controller can automatically add for miters, keep track of daily material ran as well as total footage. Activate the password protection feature and only authorized personnel will be able to operate the machine.

  • The operator inputs the length on the touch screen and pushes 'start'
  • The machine runs to length, allowing the operator to pause to install hangers, components or to adjust measurements
  • Push 'resume' to finish the run
  • With the run complete, the operator simply cuts the gutter

KWM Hanger Mark

Hanger Mark

The Hanger Mark is an excellent and inexpensive add-on to any KWM IronMan gutter machine, forming small indentations on the inside back of the gutter every 8" to indicate proper placement of gutter hangers.

KWM Gutter Machine Riser Pads

Riser Pads

Riser pads are used to elevate KWM gutter machines up off of a decking surface.

Available in two styles -

  • Short - 6” to 8” Rise
  • Tall - 10” to 12” Rise

NTM Gutter Machine Cart AssemblyGutter Machine Cart

Welded plate steel and tube frame construction. Includes locking swivel casters. Optimal for in-plant operations where gutter machine mobility is desired.

KWM Floor Mount Upright Assembly

Floor Mount Upright Assembly

Welded channel and angle construction. Provides mounting points for two spools. Optimal for in-plant operations or to provide additional coil capacity in large trailers.

KWM Mini Coil Cradle

Mini Coil Cradle

Lightweight cradle that supports small rolls of gutter coil up to 150 Lbs. Adjusts to accommodate 11-3/4” to 15” wide coil for 5” or 6” gutters. Can be mounted on the gutter machine or placed on the floor. Full-size KWM gutter machines can support up to three mounted coil holding accessories.

Available K-Style (Ogee) Gutter Profiles

KWM K-Style (Ogee) Gutter Profile
Standard K-Style Gutter
KWM K-Style with Alcoa Hook Gutter Profile
K-Style Gutter with Alcoa Hook
KWM K-Style with Wing Gutter Profile
K-Style Gutter with Wing
KWM K-Style with Leaf Rib Gutter Profile
K-Style Gutter with Leaf Rib

Product Documentation

Informational Videos

Why Customers Choose KWM
KWM IronMan in Action
Setting up a Gutter Machine Trailer
6" to 7" Changeover Process

*Free shipping is limited to commercial locations within the continental 48 United States. Arrangements can often be made to ship gutter machines to a local freight terminal for customer pick-up if a commercial delivery location can not be secured. Select gutter machine models and configurations are shipment-ready, subject to availability. Customized gutter machines may require additional lead time as they may be built-to-order per customer specs. Feel free to contact us with any product questions, or concerns regarding delivery and lead time!

**Some restrictions apply to competitive pricing. Contact us directly to discuss your quote!

More Information
SKU 7026
Weight (Lbs.) 1650.0000
Power Type Electric
Gutter Size 6 Inch, 6/7 Inch Combo, 7 Inch
Gutter Style K-Style (Ogee)
Gutter Machine Size Full-Size (Standard)
Manufacturer KWM Gutterman
Country of Manufacture United States
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